Air plant containers can be hanging, wall mounted, placed elegantly on an office table or arranged in an eye catching design with other natural elements to form a fascinating office decor. 
Air plants or Tillandsias, if you prefer, are quite different from other indoor plants and grow in a very different way. The greatest advantage of Tillandsias is that they require much less care and attention than other plants. Like any other living plant, air plants need watering, light, air circulation, right temperature, the right air plant containers, and some fertilizing.

Air plants will be the perfect decoration for areas where you simply can not find a place for large plant species. Air plants are the perfect solution for indoor gardening, being not only a decorative element of design, environmentally friendly, but also allowing you to maintaining safety. An advantage of air plants is also the fact that they do not accumulate excess water in the planters which helps to maintaining normal environment.

Air plants can be placed in decorative plates, transparent vessels, cups, or directly on the furniture. Unique, amazing and beautiful they will look great in any interior. There is no limit to the creativity and the ways to display your air plants. Tillandsias can grow anywhere – on rocks, seashells, in ceramic pots, attached to wood or a stone. Air plant terrariums are stunningly beautiful, and you will find some magnificent ideas in the gallery below. 

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